Lex Starwind, Jon Murock & Ricky Fitz
Lex Starwind, Jon Murock & Ricky Fitz

Fdation Productions

I Am Culture Video

New video from Ricky Fitz called I Am Culture, featured on his upcoming mixtape Ye3891aR. Beat by Mista Maff Check it out.

DMB – Dirty Money Boys (Dirt Bag Militia)

Over the years, you may have heard the artist named Nuckulls appear on several foundation track. He is the uncle of Lex Starwind and one of his inspirations & reasons for becoming an emcee. While the affiliation may have been loose and implied in the past, it is now official. […]

Rose Nylund

Chances are you’ve probably never heard this track before. I hardly remember recording it. It may find its way on to DOA or Fitz’s album. I’m not really sure. Let me know what you guys think.