Lex Starwind, Jon Murock & Ricky Fitz
Lex Starwind, Jon Murock & Ricky Fitz

Fdation Productions

Rose Nylund

Chances are you’ve probably never heard this track before. I hardly remember recording it. It may find its way on to DOA or Fitz’s album. I’m not really sure. Let me know what you guys think.

Ye3891aR – Ricky Fitz Mixtape

A mix-tape is in the works from our boy Ricky Fitz (long overdue). Just a little something something to keep the fans busy while working on his album American Beauty! I’ll have to double check with him about the title. It is what he sent me in a text. He […]

Fdation.com Relaunch

[Lex Starwind] I’m in the process of updating the web site. Please bear with me. We have a lot of new content to deliver in the next few months. New layout for the website, new distribution, new music and new music videos. We’ve been quite for a while (life gets […]